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Nica Life Realty Loving life in Paradise

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Canadian Tv Show

About to film another TV show this week – All good publicity with Nicaragua so should be fun – Will let you know how it goes! Everything out in San Juan has been great recently, we starte... Read more
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San Juan del Sur is such a special town located on the west coast of Nicaragua.. Check out our friends over at SanJuanSurf for more information on the area and all the goings on! Visit SanJuanSurf

About Nica Live Rentals

The Pacific Coast of Nicaragua has hundreds of miles of tropical beaches, and is well known as one of the fastest growing investment opportunities in real estate today. Century 21 Nica Life Realty / Lifestyles is here to help investors realize their dream of successfully owning Nicaragua real estate, Our knowledge and experience of Central America will help you make a confident investment. Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals from both a national and international background, so we are able to offer help with all aspects of investment, whether it be for a small business, vacation home or condo, land investment or hotel, or if you are looking to retire in Nicaragua, Century 21 Nica Life Realty are able to help.

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Vacation Rentals

Nica Life Realty - Vacation Rentals

Owning Your Dream in Nicaragua

Can foreigners own property in Nicaragua?

Can foreigners own property in Nicaragua?

Yes! Unlike other countries, Nicaraguan law makes no distinction between its citizens and foreigners with regard to owning property of any kind. It doesn’t matter what country you are from, if you have a valid passport, you can purchase land ju..

Owning Your Property in a Corporation

Owning Your Property in a Corporation

As an foreigner buying property in Nicaragua, there are advantages to setting up either a Sociedad Anonima (S.A.), or a Compania Limitada (CiaTlda) which are equivalent to an S-Corp or LLC, respectively. The most commonly used entity is the S.A..

There are diff erent kinds of Powers of Attorney:

There are diff erent kinds of Powers of Attorney:

Full Power of Attorney: This POA allows buying and selling any goods, accepting mortgages on properties, acquiring debts, giving any good as warranty, and signing checks.It is a Power of Attorney in which the agent..

1Check List for Buying Property in Nicaragua

  • 1.Clearly defi ne investment goals and type of property you will purchase.
  • 2. Decide on the area or region that best suits your needs to meet your investment goals.
  • 3. Review several diff erent properties including photos and information in the offi ce or online.
  • 4. Visit the properties that are most intriguing and take your own pictures for reference.
  • 5. Once you select the property that is right for you, make a formal off er to the seller with a Century 21 Sales Agreement.
  • 6. After the off er has been accepted, open a Century 21 Escrow Account with a 10% deposit (escrow is generally 30 to 45 days to allow for further due diligence).
  • 7. Hire legal counsel to conduct a history check on the property and to prepare the deed and other legal documents. The lawyer will also register these documents on your behalf.
  • 8. If you will be leaving the country before the closing date, leave a power of attorney with someone you trust so they can sign the deed in your absence.

2 The heart and soul of Century 21

At Century 21 Gold Coast Realty, our mission is to sell real estate. We’re a team of real estate professionals focused on maximizing opportunities for our clients. But helping clients realize their dreams is only part of the story. We also have a strong commitment to enriching the lives of our Nicaraguan neighbors. Through financial assistance and hands-on involvement, Century 21 Gold Coast Realty is making a difference, everyday...

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